Day 24-31 – Slumberland

Surgery went great or as great as can be expected. I know I’ve been absent for a few days most of them were spent in a painkiller induced slumber. Healing is important. Feeling things is less important. Especially when those things are pain. Pain is bad.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to get my crap off of my arm. I’m using voice to type to verbally write this post, so saying crap off my arm was accidental. I just thought it kind of worked because this wrap is crap. I hope to make a triumphant return to blogging soon.

I hope to make a triumphant return to the gym sooner. We’ll see how the doc feels about me being allowed to sweat profusely which I often do when I exercise.

In the interim I want to have a fun project to do when I get back I thought something in The Oatmeal which I will provide a link to you when I’m not on the mobile version of WordPress. If you’re not familiar with The Oatmeal, Google and get familiar quickly. Totally amazing!

He did a set of illustrations based on quotes that he enjoyed from various famous people.

A link to this will be provided here as soon as I go to a PC version of WordPress.

I would like to do something similar except I would like to use quotes or funny phrases that are generated by my readers. They could provide me famous person quotes if that’s what they find funny and amusing or inspiring. It doesn’t have to be silly.

So until I come back, please please please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page and let me know what you’d like to see me draw. Give me the phrase, the source of the phrase if it’s not an original phrase, and tell me why you enjoy it.
If I choose yours, I will draw it and post it with credit to you for the idea, because you guys are awesome. I will only be choosing 5, tops. You may choose more than one phrase to submit. I’ll likely only choose one per person unless someone is super super funny or inspiring.

So have fun with it and I hope to return to you guys shortly. If it comes down to a toss up, maybe I’ll let y’all vote on your favorite. Maybe I’ll let you do that anyway. I like user participation. Yay people!!

Last thing: I will be posting updated progress shots like the first ones I posted for my workout soon, preferably after i get a week in at the gym before  i haveta pony up those photos. But progress has been made. I’m super excited to get started on month two and I really miss going to the gym which surprises the crap out of me. Thank you all for your support. Couldn’t have done it without you. At least I don’t think I could have. I might have been able to. I’m kind of great heehee.


Day 22 + 23 – Surgery and Therapy

Yesterday was short. Collected commission payment, talked to my family, texted, and slept early. Had to rest up, because at 5:30 AM, it was surgery time.

I had a dream I was waking up. Each time I woke in the dream, it replayed, but in a slightly different fashion. Upon the end of the third repetition, I crawled out of bed. 4:30 AM. I figure my brain didn’t want me to be late. Got cleaned up, got dressed, got Charles up and ready, then we headed to the surgery center.

This was the first surgery I ever had. EVER. I have never been under anesthesia before. I was hungry and sleepy. People seem so confused when I ask how much procedures cost. We have an HSA with a high deductible, and I don’t want surprise bills. Scarily enough, the anesthesia peeps bill separately, and they didn’t know how much it was. Hopefully the bill isn’t too heavy, or I’ll need to sell many minis or commissions FAST. (Watch the blog here in case of fire sale.)

They got me back there, and I got to don the ever fashionable hospital gown + socks and skivvies. They did an injection to numb my left hand, then did the IV. I didn’t have any water, so I guess the numbing was to hide them digging for a vein. :s Once they got me set up, they let me see Charles before they put me under. I wasn’t fully under. The ‘twilight’-y feeling one. (No, I didn’t see sparkly vampires…woulda had to stake em.) I didn’t feel a thing, and shortly after they put in the meds I don’t remember much. Apparently a male nurse played the flirty humor in front of Charles, who was not amused. He then returned to the lobby. I don’t remember this.

I woke up to see my fella. I have this HUGE splint and ace bandage combo rockin on my right arm. I was slurring my speech apparently. (Charles described my slur as ‘faking drunk girl’ level. Abbe Abbe was dreadfully amused when I called to tell her I lived through the surgery,) They told me no lifting, no water (clean and dry, cover up with trash bag for shower or in case of rain), and to TYPE. Typing is good…they said they want me to wiggle my fingers often. SO I type. Yay blog


What does this mean? Lots of typing in the next week, and it seems unlikely that I will go to the gym, since I get soaked to the bone every time I go. I like typing. When I stop typing, it starts aching. I got meds for it, but I want to use them sparingly. The liver issues I had WERE NOT fatty liver, and so I need to be aware of how much painkiller I take since it can reek havoc over your liver. Mine was from 3 months of migraines while I did QA and constantly medicating. I stopped, it normalized. Don’t wanna risk my liver. I can handle some pain, plus typing painkiller is more fun.

I am solo tomorrow so please…comment with questions, or silly things or whatever (not spam, all you random spam creepers. -.-‘) so i Have many minutes of therapy to work on. Otherwise, I’ll be working on last year’s NaNoWriMo project I never finished. 😛

Day 21 – Must be Tuesday…

Let’s start out with the Gym stuff, since I’ve been burying it these last few posts:
Today, I worked out for 13:20. I walked .62 miles, burned 51 kCal, and did so at 3.0 MPH. Yeah, I know, kinda lame on the time, but it was faster. I just wasn’t feeling it today, but I didn’t want to NOT work out, so I went.

“Rise” by Yoko Kanno // Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST

(Figured all the videos weren’t what I wanted, so why not go AMV with it. May have spoilers, so watchers, beware.)

People keep asking me: “What program are you on?” “What’s your caloric intake?” “What’s your weight loss goal?” “Is this doctor-mandated?” “What’s your diet like?”, so let me take this opportunity to answer.

I am NOT on a program. My caloric intake it probably too high, but I’m not counting. My weight loss goal is to lose 25 pounds. I have no time frame in mind for that, but sooner would be better. It is NOT doctor-mandated. I did this for me, of my own free will, and it’s probably the only reason I haven’t quit like I did every other time I tried this. My diet is largely unchanged. I have taken some suggestions offered to me under advisement (Thanks Nick for all your helpful tips), but I’ve not made a ton of changes. I drink lots of water, and I try to limit my sweets, which I hadn’t been doing AT ALL.

This entire thing is about change. My goal was to get healthier, and get off the couch. I want to be around for a very long time, and I don’t want that time to be miserable. On Sunday, while I worked out, I wondered what my kids might look like one day, if I ever get blessed enough to have some. (2-3 ideal, 5 is the cap :P) So my WHY for all of this is LOVE, really. I want to see my nieces and nephews grow, and have nieces and nephews of their own. I wanna see my older brother finally marry his fiancee (I figure I’ll be in my 80s by then, but at least I should have shriveled up a little bit so I can fit into my bridesmaid gown. <3).

So far, this little experiment has been successful. I’ve been moving, and I’ve got more energy. I am trying to make healthier choices without feeling like I’m punishing myself or not enjoying my life to the fullest.

Now, as it is Tuesday, it is also a day of DELICIOUS TACOS! The TACO TEAM assembled today for deliciousness at Tijuana Flats.



The normal crew had a couple new additions. Topics of conversation seemed to linger on topics that weren’t exactly something I could jump in on, such as “when you wear red sunglasses when you’re at the beach or pool, it’s like x-ray vision on girls’ swimsuits” and the like. Very dude-ly. I prefer the, albeit brief, conversations about how the auto-draft utilities for our apartment complex didn’t work right for us as well as for the guy we referred to come live here, and about how we never check our snail mail, cause snail mail isn’t the future.

My tacos had a wheat tortilla instead of flour, but I figure it was divine intervention telling me that this taco was not on the suggested food list, so this little tortilla should be just a little healthier. Alright, alright, Universe. I’ll eat the wheat tortilla. I get it!

I got to see my Fella, which is always good. I adore him. He works late a lot, and I miss him dreadfully. Yesterday, I forgot to eat dinner when he wasn’t here. Once he got home though…OMG TOTALLY HUNGRY NOW!

I haven’t gamed today (That may change soon…). I instead used my day talking to friends, reading articles, watching vlogs, ordering photo prints, and learning about perfect-forward security (Shoutout to Grebe for this lesson. I think I get it now.) I did see the Top 25 for the Diablo Art contest. Not super impressed. Some were great. Some were not. Wish mine had made it in. Here’s the list, if ya wanna see. (IGN Diablo 3 Art Contest Top 25)

I also have been brainstorming names for my mini-painting Etsy shop, as well as for Mama’s blanket shop that I will be operating for her. I think I got one for Mama, so I started taking pics and preparing to set everything up. I want it to be polished from the start, so I am trying to get all my ducks in a row before I unleash these beast stores onto the public. Etsy peeps and Pinterest peeps, I hope I can count on you guys for a little word of mouth come launch day. ❤

See y’all tomorrow.

Day 20 – Photoshop Brushes + Miniature Painting

Good morning, everyone! ❤ Happy Monday, one and all!

Today’s post is gonna be a little different. Gonna share some freebies with you guys (for my photoshop peeps), as well as begin a little project I have wanted to get started.

First, I wanna share with you guys some photos of the first Bombshell Miniatures Babe up for grabs.
PussyPatrol-Mini1Awesome Space Chick with Pigtails! I’m looking for a buyer for her before I start the painting so they can choose all the colors and stuff. I’ll also be taking lots of pics as I work on it so you guys can watch her go from grey to great. I’m asking $30 for this figure (handpainted by me, per buyer’s color selections) or $35 if ya want her painted and put in a nice acrylic box before she gets rocketed to your door, future buyer! 🙂 Shipping cost will vary based on selected option, but it will be an additional charge.

I will be doing more of these as I finish each, so if this one’s not your cup of tea, there will be more. I hope to have one more on a fantasy tangent and less sci-fi coming up next. Good for the Warhammer crowd, for sure, as a specialty unit.

Here’s some samples of some painted ones I did. These are kinda old, so take these, and add more…better-ness to them!



And now, for the freebies! Photoshop brushes I made from some of my artwork. I originally made these for creating the graphics on my Twitter profile, and I thought, “Why let these rot away in my files forever? I MUST SHARE THESE!” So I did. I posted them up for easy download in my Deviantart gallery. Click the image of the brush you want to visit their download page on Deviantart! Just look for the button that says “DOWNLOAD” ❤ ABR Files.
cowgirl mermaid

Alrighty, got some artwork to do for the lovely Annmarie of Pizza Xtreme (Best Pizza in Orlando, and I don’t just say that cause my art is all over their walls!). I will update this post soon as we have a buyer. ❤

Day 18 + 19 – Game On!

Saturday was Game Time for me, for real. Charles and I quested all day. Nothing say quality time like two rogues exploring Azeroth without aggroing anything, picking pockets, and taking silly pictures of us in the various costumes we collected by doing so. Let me share a few with you now!
Costume Time - 1
Costume Time - 2

We were exploring Townlong Steppes. Many Mantid there. We were looking like a bunch more bugs too, but I picked my favorites. I don’t think I went very long without a disguise on. I wish they gave enemies dance animations. So far only the Yaungols have danced, using the Tauren moves. Guess they are both varieties of cow men.

Anyways, gaming Saturday was fun. Gaming Sunday – ALSO FUN!

Sunday started with my Sunday workout. Lots of peeps in the gym, by no one was on the treadmill, so I was a happy girl. I did make the mistake of wearing a white shirt though…we live, we learn, we look like we’re only wearing a bra. :s Oops! Darn sweaty shirt!

15 minutes at 2.5 mph, 15 minutes at 2.7 mph, + 2 minute cooldown
1.32 miles in distance, 106 kCal burned.

I was on top of the world on Sunday. Did some people watching while I worked out instead of Netflix while enjoying some jams. Two things came to me as I did this: 1. No one stops for the stop signs at the entrance to the complex on Sunday. Be careful crossing the road there, people! 2. I think someone stole the unplugged TV from the gym. It wasn’t there anymore and if someone came in the side door, the camera in the gym wouldn’t have that section of the room in it’s cone of vision. More as it develops on this breaking story!!!

Came home and gamed some more with The Fella, and we did Scenarios for the first time. I’m a Darkspear Revolutionary now. Power to the Darkspear Trolls! I don’t much like Garrosh anyways, so this works for me, and being a troll, I feel like it’s my duty to my people. 🙂

We watched the Giants/Colt preseason game at Buffalo Wild Wings last night. Giants didn’t do so hot. Poor Fella was so depressed. 😦 They looked really good right at the start, but they didn’t make anything happen to keep themselves in the game. It’s preseason though, so they were probably phoning it in. Preseason football is such crap. I think it should be worth something, like some kind of advantage, so teams actually try a little bit. I dunno what that advantage would be…Free mulligan on a coin toss? Bonus money? Free 10 yards to be used some time during the regular season? Come on, NFL – you guys can think of something. Make this more interesting please!!!

That’s the weekend, kids. More to come soon for the Monday edition. I’ll be sharing some photoshop brushes as well as posting my first miniature that will be up for sale. Hope to find a buyer before I paint so they get to choose the palette! 😀

Day 16 + 17 – Fall Down Go Boom

Day 16 was looking to be a bust. I was under the weather, so the gym didn’t happen. Got postponed to day 17. I slept a chunk of my day away trying to get on the mend. I did salvage the day, however, compliments of my baby brother, Jenson. He had asked me to enter a contest…originally as him, because he really wanted the prize, but ‘can’t draw’. I wasn’t really okay with being a ghost artist, so I told him I would enter as myself, and if I won, he could have the statue offered as the prize. (Contest link) Top prize is a Diablo III statue from Sideshow. It’s a little dark and doom-y for my taste, but the idea of having my art shown on IGN was a good opportunity, and it makes my lil’ bro happy, so win/win.

He requested a witch doctor, but I’m not super familiar with the game, so I asked him – since I was doing this for him – to gather up references for me, and email them to me. He said yes, but he never sent them. I realized yesterday was the final day to submit, so I checked my email – NOTHING. I gathered up my own references and did my best to familiarize myself with the material. I ended up doing a blended character design – part of the design was modeled directly from the in-game assets, and some from my own research, lying heavily in African and Native American tribal fashion and real-world wild life. The picture was a success, but I didn’t get to finish it in the way I had envisioned in the time I had left.

Here’s my final submission piece, handed in last night, just before the deadline:

I think she turned out pretty well. I added a couple little pops of color in there, in her eyes and the smear of blood running down her cheek. I see things I would change now, but time was a factor, and I think it went well.

SO with that, Day 16 was in the book. Day 17 was a doozy so far, though.

When I woke, I still felt offish from yesterday, but I thought, “NO EXCUSES” and I put myself together for exercising. I decided to try the ninja shirt again. I took Charles to work, then went to the gym.

BOTH treadmills were in use by two ladies. The one on my normal treadmill looked a lot like Michelle Rodriguez. Both ladies looked pretty entrenched, so I decided to try the other machines. The elliptical was first. I circled it like a vulture would a carcass, but I was trying to figure out how to get on the darn thing, not to pick meat from its’ bones. Michelle’s doppelganger (I know I’m missing special characters, but whatever), who I’ve nicknamed “B*tchface”, glared at me like  I was some kind of idiot for not knowing how to get on the thing, and that I was really disrupting her exercise. I tried to ignore her as I finally got on the machine.

I got it moving, and was feeling super proud of myself when it happened – 2 minutes of “YEAH!” became a resounding “NO! NO! YOU GO AWAY NOW!” from my legs. They didn’t wanna get their gazelle-like stride on ANY more. I wobbled off of the machine, my chest aching cause I probably should have stayed at home in bed. But I needed to exercise, and the treadmills were still occupied by B*tchface and girl 2, so I moved to the bike.

For those who know exercise bikes (or read my previous blog about my experience), you gotta pedal to turn it on. So I did. I started to set the program, and it asked for my weight, and the first number was 175. I do not weigh 175, and so I pressed the UP arrow. It couldn’t be held. For each pound, you must press the button again, all while pedaling. No stats were tracking until the setup was complete. I pressed and pressed, and it beeped and beeped.

B*tchface glared at me as I struggled with my awesome lack of coordination, trying to pedal while beeping forever. She pushed her earbuds in, and turned up the volume on her iphone before turning her scowling, grumpy b*tchface away from me. But then it happened…I stopped pedaling just before I got to the weight, and the lights went out. I pedaled again, and repeated the beeping. B*tchface was now rolling her eyes and adjusting her headphones more.


I finally got my weight in, and began pedaling, and it happened again…

“No! No! You go away NOW!”

I sighed and got off the bike, chest still tight, and wiped down the machine. B*tchface rolled her eyes again, and sauntered herself right out of the gym, not wiping her machine down or anything. Some people’s lives are just more important, so I shouldn’t have annoyed her with my existence.


But eff that lady – MY MACHINE WAS OPEN! I wiped it down for her, cause I’m nice, even to B*tchface, and hopped on…or more of an awkward meandering on. I set up my netflix with the show recommended for me – Breaking Bad – and began walking. The pilot started out MEGA DEPRESSING – so I dunno if I’ll be able to use it to exercise until I watch the pilot + other eps and get beyond the “OMG this is sad” to the “OMG WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM NOW!”. My chest tightened again and I felt lightheaded, so I hit cooldown after only 15 minutes on the treadmill. I had a good sweat going, plus my trials with the other machines were exercise too, and I didn’t feel super good. I wiped the machine down, and walked out of the gym.

The steps were hard to navigate, and it was so hot outside. The pool looked refreshing, but I didn’t have my suit on, so I thought I’d maybe do that later if I felt up to it. I walked around the bend, past the tennis courts, through the parking lot. The nemesis, Mr. Stairwell, was in sight, I walked down the sidewalk and took a left for the stairs, eye on the prize, but suddenly I kept going to the right, then nothing, then I found myself on the ground. I actually fainted briefly while taking the corner toward my apartment. I was quickly revived once I hit the grass, and I hadn’t been so happy that the neighbors picked up their dog’s droppings as I was that moment. Would have made the fall a bit more unpleasant. I didn’t have any scrapes or soreness. I pulled myself to my feet, wobbled up the stairs, and put myself to bed for a little bit.

Met the fella for lunch at Hot Krust Panini Kitchen (Turkey Lake/Sand Lake intersection – by Whole Foods. GO RIGHT NOW if you haven’t been there. One of my faves.) and now I’m at home, resting and writing this blog.

Lessons I learned today: Sick + Exercise = fall in potentially dog-doo laden grass (I got soooo lucky). Also, the ninja shirt is bad for workin out. My two worst performing exercise days were while wearing it. I don’t think I’ll wear it to work out any more. I am NOT a ninja. (I always saw myself as more of a pirate, anyway. You can’t be both.)

Day 15 – Honeymoon Jelly


What is Honeymoon Jelly, you might ask?

I was on the phone with Mama, and I said “Just making a sandwich with honeymoon jelly.”

There was almost an audible awkwardness when her side of the call went silent. I could practically hear her brain wrapping around the term I had just used, wondering what I meant.

We went to the Keys on our honeymoon, and we stopped at this awesome fruit stand in Florida City called Robert is Here. (That’s actually the name of the place. The owner is Robert, and he was there.) Amazing fruits of all kinds, local honey, and the most dynamite smoothies I ever had. While we were at his store, we bought Ginger Honey, Honeycomb, Tupelo Honey, some sapodilla, pineapple, mangoes, and a jar of strawberry preserves. The jar of preserves was the “Honeymoon Jelly” and is some of the best strawberry preserves I’ve ever had.

Once I relayed the tale of the preserves, she resumed normal conversations. Makes me wonder what she thought I meant…


My today was super mellow. My surgery postponed til next Thursday morning, at the butt crack of dawn. I need to be at the surgery center at 5:30 AM, then surgery begins at 6:30 AM. I tried to get later, but they just fill the slots from earliest to latest. You don’t really get to choose. The postponing of the surgery worked out for the best though, cause today was a bad art day, or a bad thinking day for that matter. My sentences were …odd all day, and every time I tried to draw something, it was nothing like what was in my mind, and I’d end up erasing it all.  Bad art days happen, but man, if that surgery were tomorrow…I woulda been in the weeds, for sure.

Ate lunch with the fella, then relaxed at home. Had a big thunderstorm. One lightning strike was super close to my apartment, and I actually felt my hair on my arm stand on end. Freaky stuff!

Got the gym tomorrow, then hopefully some art will happen. Wish me luck! I’ll leave you with a fun Sims Supernatural Screenshot of my nobleman being playfully pestered by my red fairy.

Day 12 to Day 14 – Where have I been?!


I realize I’ve missed a couple days, but it’s been kinda busy, so … my apologies. Been jumping through hoops and working on projects and trying to pack a lot into my days, and some of those days I have not gotten time to blog. I’ll try to do better.

GOOD things to report though. Sunday’s workout was pretty good. 31 minutes at 2.5 mph, 1.31 miles, 104 kCal burned. I had the gym pretty much all to myself – a perk of Sunday Workouts – up until the last five minutes, when househusband from the other day came in. Exchange of nods, but eyes on the prize. I think I’m gonna require a full 30 minutes minimum out of my workouts. If I am under 30 minutes, I’m sweaty and tired when I leave. 30+ minutes, I’m sweaty and tired, but I got a little more pep in my step after, which makes me think that 30 minutes is when I hit my stride. So if I can push through til 30, I can push beyond it. SO no less than 30 minutes, barring major owies.

I’ve been making preparations for the last few days (bloodwork, medical clearances, etc.) to schedule a surgery on my wrist. See, several years ago, like…circa 2007 and working at EA, I had a ganglion cyst form in my right wrist. Little bump, kinda hurt. I call it my “Full Sail Sports Injury.” (Joke being that Full Sail doesn’t have sports, and if they did, I likely would not have played them. I’m very funny.) It was agitated by repetitive stress between art, gaming (WoW), and gaming (QA tester at EA). For about a year I had it, til one day I had to turn off a fire alarm and forgot to use my brain. I grabbed my computer chair to stand on, and I fell, of course. I fell on my right hand, and the cyst burst – all internal, nothing gross or icky, ‘cept for the name ganglion. It’s a gross word.


It was gone for a long time. Then, in 2010, it started to form again. It started small. And it stayed small, because despite my desk job making scrapbook paper, I had recently retired from WoW, and it got a rest. But it was there. Over time though, it started to hurt more and more. My wrist would get so sore I would put it in an immobilizer brace and my hand would lock up entirely. I think the cyst was pinching a nerve or something, but I’m no doctor. One night I couldn’t open my hand from Dinner until I fell asleep…and it released by morning…but at 2 am, it was still locked. Miserable. I knew I needed it taken care of, but I didn’t have insurance, couldn’t afford the surgery, since scrapbook paper design is not the most lucrative position. I just used my brace more, heat pack or ice pack at home – whichever felt best – and taking long PC-free breaks on my personal time to let it rest.

I moved to the card job, and it was more of the same. Clicking was far worse, and I was making vectors, so clicking…holy ow (not meant to be cow), was it painful. I powered through the pain, since there had been talk of insurance coming once the company took off. October 2012, the company sank, and still no insurance. So I played on. It would eventually go away, but it was then I realized it was getting noticeably larger.

It’s hugeness didn’t fully strike me til a few days before my wedding. My mother gave me a bracelet to wear, which I was glad to have, so the bump wouldn’t be in my photos, plus it was a beautiful bracelet, and from my Mama, whom I love dearly. I wore it proudly, and it hid the unsightly thing for the whole of the evening. It was a magical night. I didn’t even feel the pain til the next day from wearing a bracelet over it for all the hugging and posing and lifting my pretty, heavy dress. It was just getting out of control.

But still I did nothing. “It’ll go away, just like last time.” I was kidding myself.

A few weeks later, at the bridal shower for one of my dearest friends, the lovely Sommer (who’s now a full-fledged member of the wedded bliss club), the issue could no longer be ignored. By anyone, apparently. One of the guests, the daughter of another friend of mine, actually poked at it and said “What is that?” She didn’t look disgusted, but genuinely interested, which was unique.

I suddenly felt like the bearded lady. Very sideshow.

This was the final straw. When I looked at my wrist, I felt like I was looking at the spine of my undead rogue sticking through her cape:


The pain in my wrist was now dull, but constant. It hurt nearly all the time. Anytime I do anything fun (pulling the trigger on a paintball gun, clicking my moves when picking spells to cast in WoW, placing windows in my Sims 3 Mansion, etc.) and that require finer detail or control (handwriting my wedding thank yous – those cards are small – or sketching intricate folds into a commission for my favorite art patrons) – the pain builds and builds til I can’t take it. I can only fill out 2 thank yous at a time. I sent out 90 invitations to my wedding. Do the math, when I want to thank everyone who came as well as those who sent gifts. I almost gave in to logical thought, and asked on FB if peeps would mind a printed version with a handwritten signature. People were understanding, but at the same time – I felt bad and all the love I felt that day from friends and family deserve the proper written treatment. I couldn’t do it. I’d rather be stupid late than cold. Just not me.

So that brings us to now. Now when I am playing phone tag with surgeons, waiting for estimates from surgery centers, and getting medical clearances. My thyroid levels were of specific concern, but they have stabilized, thankfully. I got my clearance this morning, now I gotta wait for Charles to get time off to come with me cause I’m gonna be doped up something fierce while the go in and cut this little bugger so it’s likelihood of return is less than 10%, which would be amazing. Since April’s wedding shower embarrassment, a second cyst sprung up right by the first. Now I look like this:
2013-08-13 13.59.21

Like what I did there? Anatomical references when showing weird body parts – kinda fun to me. Hehe. The second cyst is tiny and not visible in the shadow of is predecessor, but it’s there, and it’s growing, and it suuuuuuuuuucks. HARD.

I should hopefully be getting surgery either this Thursday or the Thursday following. Once I find out Charles’ schedule, I can get the appointment made. Once the surgery is done, I may be brief with posts, but heck, this one’s getting long and I didn’t even cover today’s exercise totals yet! Which were great!

First, a gym jam, cause I love to share music with you guys:
Not like, classic music here, but I love it. Very mellow and driving, nice for the last few minutes of your workout while you push through til you hit your goal time and start your cool down. The vocalizations in the background are mesmerizing. Serena’s kinda…cookie-cutter-young-pop-tartlet, but I enjoy her energy. The video is lovely too.

So after my appointment this morning, I hit the gym. I was feeling extra peppy to start cause the gym was empty save 1 girl lifting weights, and I had just gotten the all clear on my EKG and medical clearance. I was strong like bull.

I watched Weeds again, since it seems to be in a less … naked all the time … part of the show (showtime and HBO love them some bewbies.) and I knew it grabs my attention enough to keep my eyes off the time and all that. I realize it’s gotta be something I haven’t seen before, and it has to be something I’m invested in. The show’s definitely not aging gracefully, but it’s trying to stay alive, and I really wanna see where the characters end up. I went for 2.5 mph today, since my goal was time first, speed second. Once I get to where I can hit my goal at 2.5, I’ll move to 2.7. Then on up.

I walked for 42 minutes, over 7 laps, for 1.77 miles, burning 140 calories. Burn, baby, burn! I felt like the king of the world walking back to my apartment. I got home, and I started getting changed, and I realized something horribly embarrassing, which I’ll share with my blog readers, cause I love you guys and I share my shameface with the ones I love – My grey capris were sweat-soaked, and not in a flattering way. I looked like I had a cat face on my butt. Nose in the middle, with whiskers pointing outward. But you know what…the shame was ok. I still felt amazing, despite the minor embarrassment, because I walked my longest time. When I got off that treadmill, I was pumped. I felt awake and alive and…sweaty, but it was a great feeling.

I’m making an effort to improve myself, and it feels good. Really, really good.


Met the hubbs and friends for lunch, and now I’m home again, blogging before relaxing and trying to knock out a pending commission for the sweet Lady Annmarie, my favorite “Pizza Bitch” ever. (That’s her superhero name, guys. Super Pizza Bitch. She is super. One of my best clients and favorite people, honestly.) I wanna finish it before the surgery so she can get the framing done. It’s gonna be the first piece I submit as a print on DA, order said print, then immediately take down once the order has shipped. I’ll explain this in November. Dunno how long I’ll be down for once I get the surgery done, maybe just a week, but I gotta get this one out the door.

Hopefully I’ll see y’all tomorrow and post some surgery updates. Wish me luck!

❤ – Panda

((EDIT: animated gifs – SOURCE: – I love them, their lists make me giggle))

Day 10 + Day 11 – Last Night Lost


Good morning, everyone. First, my apologies for missing another day after promising not to miss another day. Unforeseen circumstances involving my internal organs deciding to hate me paired with a lovely migraine forced me to bed well before I planned. And when I woke up, I still felt so NOT rested.

Yesterday was not hugely eventful. Doing the phone tag dance with my orthopedic surgeon’s office. I have a cyst on my right wrist, and they are gonna remove it, but to get the surgery, I need clearances from my general practitioner and my insurance is giving mixed information to the doctor and the surgery center on my coverage and copay and all. Insurance is stupid confusing, but I found the packet from Fella’s work an I’ll be researching hard today so I can get this all settled on Monday and get the surgery scheduled. Good news is, once it’s done, I’ll have recovery time to do, which keeps me at the PC less. Which means I may find myself at the gym more.

Had a friend reach out to me yesterday about my weight loss goals with lots of suggestions on food to eat and apps I can use to track my progress and keep track of my caloric intake. I guess it’s about time for me to start monitoring that, cause they say exercise won’t help as much as change in diet. Gonna be sure to pick up some turkey and some tuna when I go to the store next. He also recommended Greek Yogurt. I’m not a huge yogurt fan, for those who know me. I was once on a yogurt diet for three months when I was younger to tend to a stomach issue. It was miserable. As my dad said once, “I didn’t get fat on yogurt.” It just wasn’t tasty. Is greek yogurt different enough from regular yogurt that it won’t be so nasty? Also, for any yogurt peeps who may be lactose intolerant like me, is it heavy in the lactose-y department that I’ll need to be popping lactaid in order to eat it?

I’ll be trying out the app he suggested, and I’ll report back with how it goes. He went from 210 to 190 with it + walking, so it likely did him pretty good.


Did some fun WoW Stuff yesterday. Finished my Classic Raider achievement by finishing Blackwing Lair. I had been there before, but the guild I ran with never could get it done when we were the right level for it. I also ran Karazhan with my rogue after running it with my shaman, and have gotten 2 of the pets from there – The Lil’ Big Bad Wolf and the Netherspace Abyssal. I forget how to get the dragon after though. Not Netherspite, but the other one…Nightbane? Gonna haveta Google it.

Like I said, though, my night was cut short by sickness, so I crashed.


This is my spectator game starting this morning. Charles’ PC is hooked up to our television, so this is my background noise for now. Seems a little heavy though. Just watched the beginning of the game, and I’m already depressed. Can’t they just make some games that don’t have as much…sadness? He’s playing it on the hardest difficulty to start. He always does that. Played IRON MAN mode on XCOM and my god, there was so my death. Once a soldier dies in that mode, they’re dead for good.

Today is planned to hold likely visiting his parents across town. I’m gonna get my SWIM on with any luck, and we’ll likely spend the evening over there til tomorrow morning, when I will be restarting my gym rotation of Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. Once I get to walking at 3.0 more comfortably, I will be adding on Monday or Saturday to the rotation. I also still plan to get started on some at home exercises. Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments! ❤

And before I leave you, I want to share this which was shared with me on facebook – a 24 hour LIVE stream of Giant Pandas in China! Not super interesting right this moment, since they’re sleeping right now, but it’s super cute. Check it out:
24 Hour Live Giant Panda Stream (from

See ya’ll tomorrow after my workout. Have a wonderful Saturday!

((EDIT: Tomorrow is visit the parents day. Today is veg-out-and-game day. Guess I should make lunch :P))

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Actual post to come later. I spent most of my morning reading online nonsense …