Day 2 – They Call Me Mello Yello

Happy Birthday to two of the sweetest ladies in my Life!
Baby Allycen is turning 2, and Fuznah is turning…another year more lovely!
Love you both! Happy Birthday, my darlings!

Before and After Time:
Before - Feelin Mello

Happy Thursday, people (or lack of people)! Day 2 of the blog, and day 2 of exercise happy fun time! Hair back and wrinkled Mello Yello shirt on, I hit the gym, and actually made the MILE! Woooot! I am awesome, I gotta say. (I’m very, very not into myself…pfft.) It was empty down there, which was great. I did notice something. however.


Time: 21 Min.
Distance: 1.01 Miles (Yes, claiming the .01)
KCal Burned: 84
LAPS (cause they matter): 5

I made a point of trying to not watch the time/distance/kcal today to see if I could push myself harder without knowing how hard I was pushing. So I raised my eyes from the console, and there was a TV in the corner of the room. This thing was perfectly positioned for being a perfect distraction for me, as it had an optimal viewing angle from my treadmill. It even had cable, which I do not have presently, and I was thinking I would get to watch stuff I can’t see at home. But it was off…so boo. But what was worse…it wasn’t even plugged in! There isn’t even an outlet nearby! It made me giggle to think they have cable tv for a tv they can’t turn on. Our rent money hard at work, I guess.

Probably got it in a bundle with their internet – dang internet wanting to bundle everything. I think Cable should be ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘a la carte’. Only the TV that you want. TV no one wants fades into oblivion. No one’s forced to buy the sports HD pack in order to get the pack with the Food Network, cause they’re bundled.. The world would just be a better place, I think, if you didn’t have to pay for things ya don’t want.

So, onto some fun stuff: ART PROJECTS COMMENCE! Once I finish my outstanding commissions (Ann-Marie and Hemptastico – <3), I will be venturing into MINI PAINTING! For those of you who aren’t aware (Which is anyone who reads this that hasn’t geeked out this far or hasn’t spent some time with me when I got a new order in), Minis are these plastic/pewter figurines, most less than 2″ tall, that peeps use for stuff like D&D and Warhammer and the like. I got into em for D&D … they’re mega-cool. 8B

Bombshell Babes Minis

Charles and I (mostly him, under my urging) kickstarted this project, Bombshell Miniatures – Babes: Check out the Kickstarter or their Website! I am now the proud owner of many babes! We also backed the reaper one, but the vampire pack is a BIG project, and will be a whole post to itself. Maybe a video of the haul? We’ll See!

ANYWAYS, I aim to paint em up and share photos here, and I’ll be putting a few up for sale. I’ll give y’all a chance to get in on it early by showing the model I will be painting next, and if I get a buyer before I start, you’ll get to pick out colors and junk. Cool, yeah? I think it will be. I’ll also be sharing Works-In-Progress and painting tips and tool suggestions as I go.

I got a whole list of projects in a mental list (we know those are the best, right?) to share with you guys.
COMMENT WITH YOUR FAVE (Polls don’t work on my blog for some reason – BOO):
* Mini Painting

* Card Making
* Coloring Book (I make line art for you guys to color and share!)
* Phun with Photoshop (I do silly things to photos. I’ll take volunteers!)
* Tutorials (Photoshop, Illustrator, Painting, Scrapbooking – whatever I feel like sharing tips and tricks for, or there’s a lot of interest in)
* Inchies (haha, panda squares!)

I will be posting this as a Facebook Poll as well, so you can vote there too!



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