Day 4 – A Day of Rest.

After my Ninja training blunder, I realized I might not be able to do EVERY day with how I am now. I decided to give my body a break today, and hit it hard again tomorrow morning. Had a busy Saturday ahead anyways.

Today was Ted and Gloria’s Baby Shower (SOOOO happy for you guys! You’ll be great at this – such awesome people), and I hate to say it, but I had forgotten about it…probably six times, including two times yesterday. I knew it was coming up, but the date eluded me. Charles kept reminding me, but it still crept up. I knew what I was going to put in their gift – one of Mom’s handmade baby blankets (pics of which will be in an upcoming post, since we’re about to launch and etsy store for her :P), but beyond that…no idea.

We woke up late, considering this shower was at 1:30 and we both needed to shower and dress and all, plus we needed to pick up the gifts from the book store and toys r us. So we’re bookin’ it, hurrying with all our might to get ready and get goin. I popped my Levothyroxine (part of a balanced breakfast that I don’t eat cause it’s supposed to be taken solo. Bah, stupid medicine.), got dressed, and we got out the door.

About halfway to the book store it hits me like a truck – WE FORGOT THE BABY BLANKET AT THE HOUSE! 😦 Charles wanted to leave it and give it to them later. I did not. I wanted to go back. The blanket was special, since it was made by Mom, and I wanted to send all the love she put to their soon-to-grow family. We HAD to go back for it.

On our way to pick up the baby’s gift, we saw an interesting vehicle in traffic, which was awful. I don’t like to go to the mall on Saturday, and much less when school is about to come back into session (That’s right, school-age-children who read my blog! You’re going back to school! Go cry about it! Seriously, school was super easy times, aside from the bullying and name-calling I got – even when I used to be super skinny. Haters gonna hate. They were just jealous of my awesome weirdness. I just didn’t know to embrace it and let my freak flag fly then. I woulda been SO popular. Ya live, ya learn.). BUT here’s a pic of the truck. This poor guy’s looking for a sugar mama…probably to fix his ol’ busted pickup truck:

2013-08-03 12.48.22

If you’re a Sugar Momma who loves needy boys in broken pickups, please email – Hope you find the ‘love’ you’re lookin’ for, rowdyman89.

But back to my story now…
Toys R Us – You have the MOST overpriced gift wrap. But your in-store pickup is nice. Got this cute little giraffe teething toy. ADORABLE!

Barnes and Noble’s selection…not what it used to be as we perused the children’s book section. Each guest was supposed to bring a book they enjoyed when they were a child for the baby, and we had procrastinated. I had no idea which to get, but Charles knew. He wanted “Arrow to the Sun”. Supposedly, some Native Americans take offense to it now, but he didn’t see anything wrong with the book, he just enjoyed looking at the pictures. It’s about an orphan Native American boy who was trying to find out who his father was or something. I never read it. I figure if Charles liked it though, it must have been enjoyable. Peeps be all sensitive. It’s a work of fiction. Don’t get too wrapped up in it, people.

Anyways, we looked and looked for this book, but they didn’t have it. We had spent far longer looking than we should have, but I didn’t want to rush him. We were gonna be late either way, so I let him look for a new book without me nagging about the time.

I picked “Puff the Magic Dragon” – That book is 50 years old! Nice anniversary edition was right there in front of me, and I thought, “PERFECT!” Charles eventually decided on a book about a bat called “Nightsong” I think. The art was great, and Charles thought Ted would enjoy it, since he’s an art guy.

We finally rolled outta there, and back to the house for the blanket. We got it and made our way downtown to the Baby Shower. I wrapped the present in the front seat while navigating for my fella as he drove us. We finally arrived, about 30 minutes late. Ted and Gloria didn’t seem to mind, and we hadn’t missed much beyond mingling, so PHEW. Once we got inside, I realized an important detail of the day had not been relayed to me: There appeared to be a Panda theme happening!!

If you see the name of the blog, Panda Squares, the Panda part is because it is a common nickname of mine. I’m not 100% sure where it started, but I know I’ve grown to embrace it, and I totally know where to find cute panda stuff. Totally wish I had known. I woulda rocked this theme, and hard. But it’s probably good. Mighta pushed the panda over the edge. It was way cute though. Even the cake was a panda:
2013-08-03 15.23.45

We mingled with co-workers (his currently, mine previously), filled out this sheet of wishes for the little one, signed the baby book, and watched Gloria and Ted wade through their sea of gifts. They got some great stuff too. When they finally got to ours, I was a little nervous. I really hoped they’d like our books and that they would be happy with Mama’s blanket.

When they pulled out the books, Ted reached for them quickly, like they were for him and not his soon-to-be-born son. He was pleased. Gloria then pulled the giraffe teething toy from the bag, and they both seemed happy, but Ted seemed happier. I guess, when they registered, he picked out 2 items – a Batman Plushie and the Giraffe teething toy. I think I heard someone say he had one like it when he was a baby or something. Either way, now he had both items he picked out, and he was pleased as punch. I wonder how Charles has such a knack for picking out the perfect gifts. I have many more things to learn from this husband of mind.

When Gloria pulled out the blanket, aw’s and ooh’s were heard all over. She looked at me and asked “Did you make this?!”

“Ohhhhh no!” I replied quickly. “My mother made it!”

“Oh my god, HER MOM made this! It’s beautiful!” She showed to Ted and the other guests, and I kinda welled up with pride. My mama’s blankets really were beautiful. Mama’s so talented!! I love her so. I was super happy they liked it. It was my personal touch to their gift. So glad we went back for it.

Once presents ended, we got our cake, mingled a little longer, then said our goodbyes. I can’t wait to meet their little boy. I bet he’s gonna be sweet and adorable, just like his parents are when they’re together. Many blessings on your family, Ted and Gloria. I wish you both..erm…all three of your all the happiness in the world.

An unfortunate side-effect of being in a tight space with a crowd of people reacting to gift opening is the nasty mini-migraine that followed. I was so happy to have my sunglasses as we walked to the car, but I got lightheaded and nauseous as we walked to the car. Charles wrapped his arm around me and put me in my seat, and we began our drive. We drove around the back of the place where we had our reception, and I pointed that fact out to him. We came around the side of the place on our path, and he took us down to the building itself. I couldn’t help but check in on Foursquare:

2013-08-03 16.27.20


I got me an awesome husband. 😀 Six days shy of our Five Month-a-versary. Lovin’ every minute of it!

We finally got to I-4, and once he knew where he was going, I closed my eyes and it was nap time. When we finally stopped, I woke up, but we weren’t at home. We were at steak n shake, and I got to get my Milkshake on. (Gonna have to work out a little extra tomorrow, but I’ve never been the ‘punish yourself’ diet type.)

It was a good day. I’m now vegging out at home, and about to get my game on. Got a little WoW in earlier, and about to put some Sims 3 time in. See y’all tomorrow! ❤
(Meet Qiuxia, my Pandaren Monk – She’ll be back, for sure!)


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