Day 5 – I Just Wanna Feel This Moment.

Totally my gym jam of the day! I’m back, and feeling on top of the world. (Pitbull seems pretty full of himself, but with how he came up to where he is now, I’d be full of myself too. Go get it, man.) My apologies for the advertisements. Stinkin’ VEVO.

After Day 3’s Ninja Training debaucle, I was pretty shame-faced. Thanks to Kat and Catherine for voicing your support in my comments. Totally feeling the love. I’ve committed myself to not giving up, and one bad day isn’t gonna stop me. I took a day to rest and gather my strength, and boy did I come back strong.

Day 3, after I filled him in on my ‘ninja vanish’, Charles and I were discussing when he used to go to the gym with his dad (weight training…very dudely). He mentioned most of the girls my size weren’t going for speed or distance, but time. He’d seen some walk for an hour or so. So I took a new approach from this commentary, and decided to change up my workout.

My little bro called at 8 something in the morning to enlist my aid on a project. He found a prize for a contest that he wanted to win, but did not have the art chops. He pointed it out to me, and it turned out it was a contest I wanted to win, but I didn’t want the prize. (It’s cool, but not for me. Too dark and spooky.) So we had a plan. He would do the research for me, send me reference and all, and I would do the art and get my name on it, and if I won, he could have the prize. Seemed fair, and it made him happy, which is one of the best feelings in the world. I like to make my family happy…or anyone really. If I brighten someone’s day, I get my day brightened too. It’s a sweet deal.

When I returned his call, I was on my way to the gym. I had my headphones plugged in with the in-line mic, and he complained every time I walked past an AC unit. I told him why he heard everything, and he was cool. Once I got to the gym, however, he said talking to me while I was on the treadmill sounded like “The Mothership was landing in the background.” He even did some funny impressions of the sound, so I told him I’d call him back later. Gotta get my workout on.

I turned on my music and put my head down as I pushed to get back in the exercise rhythm. It was surprisingly easy. My jams were working, including the titular piece above, and I drew in a deep breath. “I can do this!” I thought. “Never give up! Never Surrender!” I thought hard about why I’m doing this. I wanna get healthy. I wanna live a long life with my husband. I wanna be there to see my family grow. I wanna be better than I am. I wanna play paintball and not get winded halfway through the first game. I have goals, and those goals will be easier to obtain if I shed some weight.

So I went slower than I have, only 2.5 speed, but my goal today was time. About 15 minutes in, I was feeling spent. I hovered over the cool down button for a moment, but then I thought about how NOTHING on the machine was close to the result I got Day 1. I should be able to beat Day 1. I’ve almost got a week into this. I gotta keep pushing. So I slammed my hand back on the grip bar, looked up at the non-functional tv on the wall, and kept going.

I walked for 30 minutes + 2 minute cooldown.  Walked my furthest yet, 1.27 miles, and I burned over 100 calories.
2013-08-04 11.49.53

I was completely sweat-soaked. Even my shoulders were sweaty…and they didn’t even do anything!!! They were just along for the ride. Was feeling mighty proud of myself. I wiped down my machine and took a success pic, for no reason than to show off my shiny, lazy shoulders.

2013-08-04 11.54.31

It was a great workout. My legs were a little wobbly once I got down, but I got my bearings quickly enough. I wandered outside, past the pool, and back to the apartment. The breeze felt amazing, but when the breeze was absent, OMG it was toasty out. The fact that I had just finished exercising wasn’t helping the warmness. When I finally reached my building, my legs were still pretty … jelly like. I had pushed myself pretty good, but I had forgotten about my nemesis…

The Stairs that lead up to my second story apartment (the apartment I selected so i would HAVE to do the stairs at least 2 times a day. I found that when I visited my parents, my legs were strong, but that’s cause their bathroom and where I slept were both on the second floor, so I would do the stairs a bunch of times a day out of pure necessity) – They seemed to be looking down on me, mocking me.

2013-08-04 11.57.28

“No. No. I am not afraid of you, stairs!” I puffed up my chest and started skyward. I was surprised. As I took each step, it seemed easier. I wasn’t even using the handrail. Not that I’d want to. They spray painted the darn rail, and if your hands are even the slightest bit wet (from say…rain…or sweat), the crappy black paint peels off and STICKS to you.  It’s unpleasant. I got to the top of the stairs, opened my door, and experienced one of the best feelings you can have in Central Florida – Burst of AC when you’re roasty toasty and covered in sweat. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Husband was still asleep. I went back to where he was and got him out of bed, but he didn’t get off scott free. I tried to give him sweaty hugs, which he ran away from. I chased him down and said “I’m doing this for us, fella! Come get your sweaty hugs.” When I finally caught him, he grimaced, but he took his hugs like a man.

“Ewwwww…now I’m all sticky.”Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. I’m an evil woman.




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