Day 9 – Life Lessons

What comes with working out? Sweat. With sweat, what comes when it’s been so long since the last time you sweat so much? Pair that with Thyroid meds and you get scaly skin blotchy face-ness. Not a fan of this. I’ve been lamenting a recent excursion outdoors as well, cause my face got tan. To most girls, that would not be an issue, but those who I’ve spoke to about this know that my skin goal in life is “Dungeon Prisoner Pale”. I reckon I did not think this whole “move to Florida” thing into the plan, but you know, I did what I could to keep the tanning to a minimum, but I was outside for a yard sale recently, and the sunburn I got became a tan.

Either way, decided to take care of my skin a little bit, to get the breakouts and dryness and all, so I called up someone I always knew to have great skin: My Mama! I asked her what she does to keep her skin cleared up, and she pulled out a classic. Noxema. So I bought it, cream and pads, and gave it a shot.

Overnight, every blemish dried up.  Dry patches soft like a baby’s bottom. As they say: The old ways are best. Now just to let the skin heal, and I’ll be good to go. Woot!

Exercising today went well. Today’s media entertainment of choice – The Avengers. No, I did not get through the whole of the movie. They only recruited up to Captain America and were in the process of getting Stark. Walked at 2.7 today for almost 29 minutes + cool down, went 1.26 miles, and burned 101 kCal. My purple shirt looked almost black after I was done, but it felt good.

I’m pretty excited cause the fatty parts of my bod that were solid before have begun to soften, which I’m told is the first step in losing them (of course, AFTER exercising). I’m actually starting to see some slimming too, which is great. Nothing excessive, but once it’s somewhere people who aren’t checking every day can see, I’ll post some new photos. 🙂 I think I shall put some small weights (like 5 pounds or so) on my wishlist so I can start working on my arms on my off days. The arms are not getting off easy…they’re just not my primary focus. Also, after talking to the doc the other day, she mentioned the Pilates she does off her Netflix account, so I might check it out to see what’s available to do on my non-gym days.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift
((For some reason, this did not post yesterday when I clicked “Publish”, so my apologies for being late again.))


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