Day 10 + Day 11 – Last Night Lost


Good morning, everyone. First, my apologies for missing another day after promising not to miss another day. Unforeseen circumstances involving my internal organs deciding to hate me paired with a lovely migraine forced me to bed well before I planned. And when I woke up, I still felt so NOT rested.

Yesterday was not hugely eventful. Doing the phone tag dance with my orthopedic surgeon’s office. I have a cyst on my right wrist, and they are gonna remove it, but to get the surgery, I need clearances from my general practitioner and my insurance is giving mixed information to the doctor and the surgery center on my coverage and copay and all. Insurance is stupid confusing, but I found the packet from Fella’s work an I’ll be researching hard today so I can get this all settled on Monday and get the surgery scheduled. Good news is, once it’s done, I’ll have recovery time to do, which keeps me at the PC less. Which means I may find myself at the gym more.

Had a friend reach out to me yesterday about my weight loss goals with lots of suggestions on food to eat and apps I can use to track my progress and keep track of my caloric intake. I guess it’s about time for me to start monitoring that, cause they say exercise won’t help as much as change in diet. Gonna be sure to pick up some turkey and some tuna when I go to the store next. He also recommended Greek Yogurt. I’m not a huge yogurt fan, for those who know me. I was once on a yogurt diet for three months when I was younger to tend to a stomach issue. It was miserable. As my dad said once, “I didn’t get fat on yogurt.” It just wasn’t tasty. Is greek yogurt different enough from regular yogurt that it won’t be so nasty? Also, for any yogurt peeps who may be lactose intolerant like me, is it heavy in the lactose-y department that I’ll need to be popping lactaid in order to eat it?

I’ll be trying out the app he suggested, and I’ll report back with how it goes. He went from 210 to 190 with it + walking, so it likely did him pretty good.


Did some fun WoW Stuff yesterday. Finished my Classic Raider achievement by finishing Blackwing Lair. I had been there before, but the guild I ran with never could get it done when we were the right level for it. I also ran Karazhan with my rogue after running it with my shaman, and have gotten 2 of the pets from there – The Lil’ Big Bad Wolf and the Netherspace Abyssal. I forget how to get the dragon after though. Not Netherspite, but the other one…Nightbane? Gonna haveta Google it.

Like I said, though, my night was cut short by sickness, so I crashed.


This is my spectator game starting this morning. Charles’ PC is hooked up to our television, so this is my background noise for now. Seems a little heavy though. Just watched the beginning of the game, and I’m already depressed. Can’t they just make some games that don’t have as much…sadness? He’s playing it on the hardest difficulty to start. He always does that. Played IRON MAN mode on XCOM and my god, there was so my death. Once a soldier dies in that mode, they’re dead for good.

Today is planned to hold likely visiting his parents across town. I’m gonna get my SWIM on with any luck, and we’ll likely spend the evening over there til tomorrow morning, when I will be restarting my gym rotation of Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. Once I get to walking at 3.0 more comfortably, I will be adding on Monday or Saturday to the rotation. I also still plan to get started on some at home exercises. Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments! ❤

And before I leave you, I want to share this which was shared with me on facebook – a 24 hour LIVE stream of Giant Pandas in China! Not super interesting right this moment, since they’re sleeping right now, but it’s super cute. Check it out:
24 Hour Live Giant Panda Stream (from

See ya’ll tomorrow after my workout. Have a wonderful Saturday!

((EDIT: Tomorrow is visit the parents day. Today is veg-out-and-game day. Guess I should make lunch :P))


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