Day 18 + 19 – Game On!

Saturday was Game Time for me, for real. Charles and I quested all day. Nothing say quality time like two rogues exploring Azeroth without aggroing anything, picking pockets, and taking silly pictures of us in the various costumes we collected by doing so. Let me share a few with you now!
Costume Time - 1
Costume Time - 2

We were exploring Townlong Steppes. Many Mantid there. We were looking like a bunch more bugs too, but I picked my favorites. I don’t think I went very long without a disguise on. I wish they gave enemies dance animations. So far only the Yaungols have danced, using the Tauren moves. Guess they are both varieties of cow men.

Anyways, gaming Saturday was fun. Gaming Sunday – ALSO FUN!

Sunday started with my Sunday workout. Lots of peeps in the gym, by no one was on the treadmill, so I was a happy girl. I did make the mistake of wearing a white shirt though…we live, we learn, we look like we’re only wearing a bra. :s Oops! Darn sweaty shirt!

15 minutes at 2.5 mph, 15 minutes at 2.7 mph, + 2 minute cooldown
1.32 miles in distance, 106 kCal burned.

I was on top of the world on Sunday. Did some people watching while I worked out instead of Netflix while enjoying some jams. Two things came to me as I did this: 1. No one stops for the stop signs at the entrance to the complex on Sunday. Be careful crossing the road there, people! 2. I think someone stole the unplugged TV from the gym. It wasn’t there anymore and if someone came in the side door, the camera in the gym wouldn’t have that section of the room in it’s cone of vision. More as it develops on this breaking story!!!

Came home and gamed some more with The Fella, and we did Scenarios for the first time. I’m a Darkspear Revolutionary now. Power to the Darkspear Trolls! I don’t much like Garrosh anyways, so this works for me, and being a troll, I feel like it’s my duty to my people. ๐Ÿ™‚

We watched the Giants/Colt preseason game at Buffalo Wild Wings last night. Giants didn’t do so hot. Poor Fella was so depressed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They looked really good right at the start, but they didn’t make anything happen to keep themselves in the game. It’s preseason though, so they were probably phoning it in. Preseason football is such crap. I think it should be worth something, like some kind of advantage, so teams actually try a little bit. I dunno what that advantage would be…Free mulligan on a coin toss? Bonus money? Free 10 yards to be used some time during the regular season? Come on, NFL – you guys can think of something. Make this more interesting please!!!

That’s the weekend, kids. More to come soon for the Monday edition. I’ll be sharing some photoshop brushes as well as posting my first miniature that will be up for sale. Hope to find a buyer before I paint so they get to choose the palette! ๐Ÿ˜€


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