Day 21 – Must be Tuesday…

Let’s start out with the Gym stuff, since I’ve been burying it these last few posts:
Today, I worked out for 13:20. I walked .62 miles, burned 51 kCal, and did so at 3.0 MPH. Yeah, I know, kinda lame on the time, but it was faster. I just wasn’t feeling it today, but I didn’t want to NOT work out, so I went.

“Rise” by Yoko Kanno // Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST

(Figured all the videos weren’t what I wanted, so why not go AMV with it. May have spoilers, so watchers, beware.)

People keep asking me: “What program are you on?” “What’s your caloric intake?” “What’s your weight loss goal?” “Is this doctor-mandated?” “What’s your diet like?”, so let me take this opportunity to answer.

I am NOT on a program. My caloric intake it probably too high, but I’m not counting. My weight loss goal is to lose 25 pounds. I have no time frame in mind for that, but sooner would be better. It is NOT doctor-mandated. I did this for me, of my own free will, and it’s probably the only reason I haven’t quit like I did every other time I tried this. My diet is largely unchanged. I have taken some suggestions offered to me under advisement (Thanks Nick for all your helpful tips), but I’ve not made a ton of changes. I drink lots of water, and I try to limit my sweets, which I hadn’t been doing AT ALL.

This entire thing is about change. My goal was to get healthier, and get off the couch. I want to be around for a very long time, and I don’t want that time to be miserable. On Sunday, while I worked out, I wondered what my kids might look like one day, if I ever get blessed enough to have some. (2-3 ideal, 5 is the cap :P) So my WHY for all of this is LOVE, really. I want to see my nieces and nephews grow, and have nieces and nephews of their own. I wanna see my older brother finally marry his fiancee (I figure I’ll be in my 80s by then, but at least I should have shriveled up a little bit so I can fit into my bridesmaid gown. <3).

So far, this little experiment has been successful. I’ve been moving, and I’ve got more energy. I am trying to make healthier choices without feeling like I’m punishing myself or not enjoying my life to the fullest.

Now, as it is Tuesday, it is also a day of DELICIOUS TACOS! The TACO TEAM assembled today for deliciousness at Tijuana Flats.



The normal crew had a couple new additions. Topics of conversation seemed to linger on topics that weren’t exactly something I could jump in on, such as “when you wear red sunglasses when you’re at the beach or pool, it’s like x-ray vision on girls’ swimsuits” and the like. Very dude-ly. I prefer the, albeit brief, conversations about how the auto-draft utilities for our apartment complex didn’t work right for us as well as for the guy we referred to come live here, and about how we never check our snail mail, cause snail mail isn’t the future.

My tacos had a wheat tortilla instead of flour, but I figure it was divine intervention telling me that this taco was not on the suggested food list, so this little tortilla should be just a little healthier. Alright, alright, Universe. I’ll eat the wheat tortilla. I get it!

I got to see my Fella, which is always good. I adore him. He works late a lot, and I miss him dreadfully. Yesterday, I forgot to eat dinner when he wasn’t here. Once he got home though…OMG TOTALLY HUNGRY NOW!

I haven’t gamed today (That may change soon…). I instead used my day talking to friends, reading articles, watching vlogs, ordering photo prints, and learning about perfect-forward security (Shoutout to Grebe for this lesson. I think I get it now.) I did see the Top 25 for the Diablo Art contest. Not super impressed. Some were great. Some were not. Wish mine had made it in. Here’s the list, if ya wanna see. (IGN Diablo 3 Art Contest Top 25)

I also have been brainstorming names for my mini-painting Etsy shop, as well as for Mama’s blanket shop that I will be operating for her. I think I got one for Mama, so I started taking pics and preparing to set everything up. I want it to be polished from the start, so I am trying to get all my ducks in a row before I unleash these beast stores onto the public. Etsy peeps and Pinterest peeps, I hope I can count on you guys for a little word of mouth come launch day. ❤

See y’all tomorrow.


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