Day 24-31 – Slumberland

Surgery went great or as great as can be expected. I know I’ve been absent for a few days most of them were spent in a painkiller induced slumber. Healing is important. Feeling things is less important. Especially when those things are pain. Pain is bad.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to get my crap off of my arm. I’m using voice to type to verbally write this post, so saying crap off my arm was accidental. I just thought it kind of worked because this wrap is crap. I hope to make a triumphant return to blogging soon.

I hope to make a triumphant return to the gym sooner. We’ll see how the doc feels about me being allowed to sweat profusely which I often do when I exercise.

In the interim I want to have a fun project to do when I get back I thought something in The Oatmeal which I will provide a link to you when I’m not on the mobile version of WordPress. If you’re not familiar with The Oatmeal, Google and get familiar quickly. Totally amazing!

He did a set of illustrations based on quotes that he enjoyed from various famous people.

A link to this will be provided here as soon as I go to a PC version of WordPress.

I would like to do something similar except I would like to use quotes or funny phrases that are generated by my readers. They could provide me famous person quotes if that’s what they find funny and amusing or inspiring. It doesn’t have to be silly.

So until I come back, please please please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page and let me know what you’d like to see me draw. Give me the phrase, the source of the phrase if it’s not an original phrase, and tell me why you enjoy it.
If I choose yours, I will draw it and post it with credit to you for the idea, because you guys are awesome. I will only be choosing 5, tops. You may choose more than one phrase to submit. I’ll likely only choose one per person unless someone is super super funny or inspiring.

So have fun with it and I hope to return to you guys shortly. If it comes down to a toss up, maybe I’ll let y’all vote on your favorite. Maybe I’ll let you do that anyway. I like user participation. Yay people!!

Last thing: I will be posting updated progress shots like the first ones I posted for my workout soon, preferably after i get a week in at the gym beforeĀ  i haveta pony up those photos. But progress has been made. I’m super excited to get started on month two and I really miss going to the gym which surprises the crap out of me. Thank you all for your support. Couldn’t have done it without you. At least I don’t think I could have. I might have been able to. I’m kind of great heehee.


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