Still gotta largely keep my wrist dry (if the tape peels off too early I could end up with a nasty scar) so no gym return yet. Been doing leg lifts between naps though to try and stay active despite my current “sleepy hermit” lifestyle.

Trying to do certain necessary things becomes far more difficult when tring to stay dry.  But it also leads to creative solutions and funny situations. My favorite so far…? A little thing I like to call “Jaclyn Showerhands” –


Stylish right?  Yeeeeeahhhhhhh! Wrapped my wrist in a clear wrap watertight bundle,  and shrounded the whole thing in a shopping bag. Worked really well. Very proud of this. And my hand was still usable. Bonus!

I should have some better content soon. Hang in there, darlings. Thanks and welcome to all the new followers of the blog.  I’ll be checking out follower blogs today. I’m excited to see what you guys are into.


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