Day 39 – Art Jam at the Mall + Next Art Vote is LIVE!

Well, the votes are in! The people have selected a fantasy theme. There were some specific suggestions made, so those have been added into the voting for the next round. Next, we will be determining the role of our gal!

Here’s the Image for #artvote2 – Choose a number (you may choose more than 1, if you like) or write in an idea I might not have had. Must fit into a fantasy theme. Does not need to be traditional fantasy (elves and wizards, medieval-like) but it must have a fantastic element. See #1 and #8  for non-traditional fantasy (we had a request for “Sci-Fi” and we made it work.)


The thumbnails are just generic ideas. EACH element in the drawing will have a vote. Alignment (Good, Bad, Neutral), Location, Emotion/Expression, Wardrobe, Features (hair style and color, eye color, etc.) and more will all be decided by you. I’ll be here to guide you but I really want this to feel like a piece we made together. Just put your vote in the comments (or on my FB, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr if you prefer). Write in if you’d like.

You can choose between these roles:
1. Space Valkyrie (Think Phastasy Star Online Meets Valkryria Chronicles)
2. Witch w/Cat Familiar
3. Gargoyle
4. Horned Barbarian
5. Forest Nymph
6. Bard
7. Priestess/Goddess
8. Space Elf (Think Starcraft/Space Marine + Elf)
9. Street Urchin (a la Aladdin).
(or your write-in vote!)

NOW on to my day!

I woke up early and got Charles off to work, like I’ve been doing Saturdays as of late, much to my chagrin. I drove myself home (OMGEEZERS, YES…I Drive again. Watch out on those sidewalks, people! :P) and packed up my bag. I skipped painkillers today til after my outing so I could drive and not be fuzzy. It should be clear again come time to retrieve the Fella from work. I also stopped by walmart for a pencil sharpener, a pencil case (got an ADORABLE one for $2! Yay back to school clearances!), and some pink pearl erasers cause pink pearl is the best!

It feels good to be back on the road. I can’t twist the keys or change gears with my right hand, but I’m in an automatic, so I can do it all with the left hand without much trouble. Twisting still isn’t possible for the wrist, but progress is being made. I can steer without incident. I needed to use something to press the button on my seatbelt latch to be released. The cellphone or a pencil’s eraser works fine.

I went to the Millenia Mall here in Orlando, and for those who have been, you know about the big circle in the middle of the food court. For those who haven’t, it’s where all the mommies and daddies let their offspring run and jump and play. The floor there is actually softer, seeming like it’s springy below, so the kids don’t hurt themselves taking a tumble. I sat in the circle so I’d be easy to find. T

I waited there for a while, but then a mom and her little boy came up to the circle. The lil guy met my eyes and smiled (What can I do? Babies love the heck out of me.) and waved, and he’d poke his mom and point at me. I waved back, and smiled, but I didn’t wanna engage any further. I didnt wanna be the creepy lady who plays with other peeps’ kids. AWKWARD!

So Marion arrived, and we hugged it out! I haven’t seen her in about 2 years. Hard to believe so much time had passed, but we’ve both let our hair grow since then, and it was evident it had been a while. She was always super pleasant, and today was no different. She had her art bin of supplies, and I my Miku messenger bag, and we broke out the tablets and pens!

2013-09-07 12.08.15

After perusing each others’ sketchbooks, it was great to see what she was drawing now, and she was very complimentary. She’s the queen of flowers, butterflies, and landscapes in a world of color, and I’m all people in a world of black, white, and grey. It was a funny thing to see side by side. Too bad the mall wasn’t conducive to painting. We scribbled and I talked a lot, as I do, and letting her get in a word or two when I realized I was totally monopolizing the conversation. It’s astounding how much has happened to both of us.

It’s unfortunate, in this age of technology, immediate gratification, and social media, that we think we’re connecting to people when we text, email, or message on Facebook, but there was so much I had missed. I thought I was up to date, but to find out how wrong I was really opened my eyes. I learned more in 3 hours about this long lost friend of mine than I did in 2 years of following her Facebook page. Conversation is dying. Communication and true connection that is forged through people actually sitting down and talking is fading away, and after today, I realize how much that scares me. We always have our faces buried in our phones and laptops and iPads and whatever, where even starting a conversation with a new person or someone you haven’t seen in a while become incredibly awkward, and we use our technology as a shield.

Do yourself a favor, guys, and – once you finish reading this post, cause I gots important stuff to say always 😛 – close the laptop. Sit down your phone. Turn off the iPad. Don’t even look at the clock and just talk to someone. It’s refreshing to make that connection. No distractions. It will do you a world of good. It’s good for the soul. Take the time, please. If you do, when you return to the web, come on here and let us know how it went! I hope it goes well for all of you. One day, I hope I get to sit down face to face with the readers of this blog and truly get to know each of you a little better. That would be beautiful.

Here’s the work we did today. Marian’s in the photos, but I was behind the camera this time, like most.:

Mine, inspired by the toddlers and younglings playing in the circle:

2013-09-07 14.56.38

Marian’s, based on the pose of a fellow mall rat, looking lovely as a butterfly fairy:

2013-09-07 14.54.55

It says “MARE” – I had to ask. I don’t read bubble letters well. LOL

We ended the day by me getting a photo of Marian by the Fountain:
2013-09-07 15.01.18 2013-09-07 15.01.16

and then I gave her a lift to her car. It was like old times, when I’d taxi Marian home or back to school after class at Valencia since she was on my way home each day, and because she was my friend. Those were good times, and those times are back again.

I’m very happy I got to spend a portion of my day with you, Marian. Can’t wait to get together again soon. Maybe we’ll meet up and go somewhere you can paint. (Or I’ll drop by your mom’s house. You know it’s good to paint there!)

See ya’ll next time, AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE – and then don’t forget to go make some connections. People come and go in our lives, some leaving scars, some stirring hopes and aspirations. If you have good people in your life, make that connection. Reach out. They’ll more than likely reach back.

Nap time for me first. Meds are totally kicking in. ZZZzzzzZzZzzzzz!


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