Day 42 – 48: Wacky Schedules and Pleasant Surprises.

It’s been a busy week.

I’m creating an etsy shop for my mum’s handmade crocheted blankets. Got 9 baby blankets to list, but I had to source some packing materials and see what shipping costs look like.

I really want to offer free shipping somehow,  but so far it’s looking like a lofty goal. Til I find a placr to cheaply yet nicely source boxes and packing materials from, it may be out of reach.

I’ll be making a post about our shop as soon as it goes live. Her blankets are truly beautiful and I know you guys will love em.

I got a cool, very part time gig, mocking up website designs in Photoshop for an awesome web design company in New York. Totally on the as needed basis, but the pay grade is great and the work is fun. I hope to get more work soon. My first project went out the door and the client chose my very first design. It’s just great!

I’ve played lots of Sims 3, made lots of art, and started prepping minis for my D&D figurine shop.

Fella got the day off. We stayed at his parents’ house and right now I’m cooking cinnamon rolls.

Votr update coming soon.


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