Day 49 – 60: Been a while…

I totally had not realized that it had been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog entry. Just slipped my mind, I suppose.

I picked up reference photos for the next art commission for Pizza Xtreme. It’s coming along nicely, but there have been some stumbling blocks on the way, compliments of my still recovering wrist. These piece demand more accuracy than my usual pieces.  The setting amd person are real places, and so it takes a lot more attention to detail to capture a likeness

Shading is also a challenge. If I blend for fifteen minutes or more, my hand begins to cramp up. I got enough time to shade a portrait without pain, but tgese commissions I have now are both extensive and intricate. I’ve had to do them in bursts.


Click the link below to view on DeviantArt.

The Elven Queen by Miserie on DeviantArt
One of my warm up pieces is now available on my deviantart page as a print. Take a look at the above link to view or order a print.

I always do warm up pieces. It’s a little test to make sure I’m on point when I do these commissions. Commissions are meant to be my best work,  and sometimes I have a day or two along the way where my lines are messy but my coloring is great…or vice versa, or I just cannot draw/color anything decent at that moment and I try again later.

Creativity isn’t a switch. We can’t just turn it on or off. So I test mine out.

I actually have many people on DA who provide me with lineart to test color on. I’ll share some of my fave groups and creators in a future post.

As for lines…that’s all me.

Gym return was delayed but I shall be returning this week. I was a bit under the weather early this week. But Tuesday morning is it. Woulda been Sunday but since football season began we have been spending Sundays woth his parents so I’ll be far from the gym. Have been swimming though.

More later…


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