Day 1 Again – Or at least it feels that way.

Some 60 days into this blog, we get to reset the clock. It was the first day of this blog when I went to the gym for the first time.

“My day begins. I woke early to get myself put together for my first workout at the fitness center in my apartment complex. Long hair tied up and rockin’ the headband to keep my fly-aways at bay. Grey capris, blue tank, and good supportive shoes was my outfit of choice to start this little adventure. If I was gonna sweat, I would be as comfy as possible.”
Photos from July 31,2013:
Front View - Day 12013-07-31 08.55.412013-07-31 08.55.56

Today, I slipped into the same workout clothes, strapped on the same shoes, and got ready to start over.
Photos from today, October 1, 2013:
2013-10-01 09.12.132013-10-01 09.12.052013-10-01 09.12.27

The difference is posture and bra choice, really! LOL – It is so complete a restart…I’m right where I was to start. So I have to rebuild from the ground up. Start rebuiding my endurance and speed on the treadmill to where I was.

So it’s Day 1, all over again.  I only managed to get in 10 minutes on the treadmill, plus 2 minutes cooldown, plus the walk to and from the gym…but not spectacular all in all. I need to build back up to 30+ minutes of at least 2.5 speed on the treadmill. I will be going back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next til I get it, barring my legs givin’ up on me.

Thanks to everyone who has left feedback and support of me on this journey. As far as the wrist surgery is coming along, the wound has healed, and all that remains is the scar. Still working on regaining my full range of motion, but I’ll take the progress.

2013-08-13 13.59.212013-10-01 17.38.04

Before the cysts were removed, and after – taken just a few minutes ago.
If any of you know of a good scar cream, let me know in the comments. Right now, my wrist looks disgruntled. I would love to be able to bend my wrist like I could in the before picture, though.

See y’all tomorrow.


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