Day 4 – Catching Up and Sleeping In.

Day 2 – Very successful workout. Got up to 30 minutes by dropping my speed down a bit to 2.0 from 2.5. Gonna keep that pace til I feel like I can push up without losing time, as time is gonna be the most important part for me. Keep my heart rate up for a longer bit of time


Day 3 – Finished commission for Pizza Xtreme on Day 2, so I went to pick up the payment owed. Annmarie is always a joy to be around, plus she was super nice and gave me a free soda for my warm car trip back to my place and to run my afternoon errands.  I worked on my next commission. I woke feeling a little off, and after lunch it got worse, and again after dinner…which leads us to:


Day 4, AKA today: Woke at like 4, sickly, and couldn’t sleep til nearly six. Sent Charles off to work and stayed in bed, and woke around noon. Missed lunching with the Fella, but it’s okay since the queasy is just wearing off. Probably best I avoid it. He’s getting out early today, and I’m excited for that. Their office is switching to a new space next week. I am super excited to see it. He’s been in the same primary office since 2006, and here – 7 years later, and it’ll be a decent change. It’ll be in the same general place but a more cohesive work space. Everyone together. I hope to escort Charles to the new space Monday morning.

Likely going to the in-laws’ house this weekend per usual, but they have a treadmill and pool, so I should be able to get exercise in over the weekend and be up to my three per week.

More soon.


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