Day 16 – Laaaaaaazy and Busy all at once…

My blogging has become more sporadic, but heck, it’s my wordpress, and I can blog when I want to…

I fell off the exercise wagon. I have only been to the gym proper once since my last blog about exercise. Life just got in the way. Not to say I didn’t exercise, but not focused. I did a lot of walking doing my grocery shopping, running errands, and attending events. I walked the show floor for several hours at the Home Show the first weekend of the month, and then I walked the Fall Festival in Hunter’s Creek. I also did some minor strength training with grocery bags on my stairs…now that will make a girl SWEAT!

I am going to return to the gym tomorrow morning and get myself back on track. I’ve actually made some tweaks to my food choices, including more fish, chicken, veggies, and fruit into my diet. I’ve actually lost five pounds since my last weigh in, which is really exciting seeing as I’ve missed the gym so much. I also have been drinking water most of the time, with the occasional glass of tea (just a touch of honey to sweeten it) or juice.

The Home Show I attended was fun at first, but got a little stressful later from pushy salespeople…but we did get to spend excellent QT (Quality Time) with the in-laws and we found someone to repair/replace our chipped windshield. We have a new windshield now, and it’s amaaaaazing. Haven’t had our first rain with it yet…I’m stupid nervous! I also found a foodie delight in Garlic Joy ( ) – Their Garlic Spread and salsas and pasta sauces were delicious! They’re also located here in Florida, which is fun.

Now, the Fall Festival in Hunter’s Creek was interesting. I was invited by my friend Lauren of Inviting Hue (Her Etsy Shop: – GO CHECK IT OUT!) since she was going to be showing off her beautiful and unique invitations and thank you cards at the event.

I’ve been to a few Fall festivals, but none since I arrived in Florida back in 2004. After attending this event, I realized that Florida doesn’t quite know what a Fall festival should be. I blame the lack of seasons, really. In the past, when I attended a Fall festival, it always had the following FALL things: Hayride, Fall-themed Decorative Items (dried indian corn, scarecrows, cornucopias and the like…), Fall themed baked goods (all those delicious autumn foods, like pumpkin roll, pumpkin pie, pumpkin gobs, nut roll, ….I could go on), Halloween Stuff, Thanksgiving Stuff, and more.

This event had Halloween and bouncy houses. It had games aimed at the kiddies and trick-or-treating. There were NO baked goods. Only vittles there were hot dogs/hamburgers from Publix, Snowcones (WTF FLORIDA! FALL FESTIVAL!), boy scout popcorn tins, and whatever candy you could forage (I got none…could not accept the trick-or-treat candy in good conscience without a costume). No pumpkin anything. No theme-y decor. It was an event pretty much strictly for the kiddies, so as a child-less grown up, I was at a loss. The whole place smelled of a mix of aromatherapy scents from this booth selling scented teddy bears, and I got pamphlets from the vendor for mammograms (Breast Cancer Awareness is important people. Go team pink!) which I was okay with, seeing as it’s October, but I also got one for Marital counseling and for Mental Health Rehabilitation. Someone tried to sell me services to repave my driveway, and the snowcone booth only took cash, which I had none of, cause cards are the future. Come on, snowcone place! Even I can take a card with my smartphone, just sayin. Get with it, man!


The bouncy house selection was pretty sweet though. If I were a little kid there, I woulda lost my mind. I particularly loved the one pictured above. It’s a bouncy WAGON! It was cool, and it made me miss the hayrides less.

It was unnaturally hot for and October day, at least to me, so we visited Lauren, toured the booths, got rejected by the snowcone people for our lack of paper money, and then we bolted.

Anyone know of a good bakery where I can get pumpkin roll in Orlando?




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