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The Nightmare

These last few days have been filled with terrifying nightmares.  I understand it’s likely a side effect of my pain meds. They wake me up and leave me a mess.

Tonight’s was vivid and scary like mad.  Very apocalypse-y, lots of fire and brimstone. But it wasn’t as bad…

1. For some reason,  all the people I love most in the world: family, friends, coworkers, and classmates were all together.

2. I had great commanders to help lead peeps to safety. Mama, Joni, Chuck,  Hawkeye from The Avengers (I know he’s a superhero but, in the dream, he was totally my homeboy), Hempy, and Rubber Stucchi.

3. There was totally lots of cars which could transport the sick and the handicapped. And free wifi for planning purposes.

4. Everyone was calm, orderly, and everything went suprisingly smooth as we went to the nearest shelter.

Once we got to the shelter in Kissimmee, we were safe. I aat snuggled with my hubbs and our parents and siblings and all the rest, and we watched Orlando get swallowed whole on the news.

When I realized what happened TRULY was when I woke up – Orlando was sitting on a Hellmouth a la the mythical Sunnydale, CA. With all the sinkholes and the house of mouse. ..makes a crazy kind of sense.  Guess it’s the universe telling me I should move away from the attractions.

But tonight’s bad dream was not so bad. I got to see people I miss dreadfully and friends I love but barely ever if not never get to see face to face.

I just think now’s a good time to send send love to all my peeps and say how I miss everyone and I wish, if the world were about to get sucked into oblivion, I’d want to be with you guys, and inexplicably, Hawkeye. He can see really good and has strategies and junk. He’d be handy in the apocalypse.

Sorry about no day number in the title. It’s 6am … I’m half asleep and I didn’t take the time to look it up and do the math. :s

I may write about the others sometime to get them out of my head, but they were too real for me to process without getting emotional,  so I’ll save it for another time.

Going back to sleep now.

Day 22 + 23 – Surgery and Therapy

Yesterday was short. Collected commission payment, talked to my family, texted, and slept early. Had to rest up, because at 5:30 AM, it was surgery time.

I had a dream I was waking up. Each time I woke in the dream, it replayed, but in a slightly different fashion. Upon the end of the third repetition, I crawled out of bed. 4:30 AM. I figure my brain didn’t want me to be late. Got cleaned up, got dressed, got Charles up and ready, then we headed to the surgery center.

This was the first surgery I ever had. EVER. I have never been under anesthesia before. I was hungry and sleepy. People seem so confused when I ask how much procedures cost. We have an HSA with a high deductible, and I don’t want surprise bills. Scarily enough, the anesthesia peeps bill separately, and they didn’t know how much it was. Hopefully the bill isn’t too heavy, or I’ll need to sell many minis or commissions FAST. (Watch the blog here in case of fire sale.)

They got me back there, and I got to don the ever fashionable hospital gown + socks and skivvies. They did an injection to numb my left hand, then did the IV. I didn’t have any water, so I guess the numbing was to hide them digging for a vein. :s Once they got me set up, they let me see Charles before they put me under. I wasn’t fully under. The ‘twilight’-y feeling one. (No, I didn’t see sparkly vampires…woulda had to stake em.) I didn’t feel a thing, and shortly after they put in the meds I don’t remember much. Apparently a male nurse played the flirty humor in front of Charles, who was not amused. He then returned to the lobby. I don’t remember this.

I woke up to see my fella. I have this HUGE splint and ace bandage combo rockin on my right arm. I was slurring my speech apparently. (Charles described my slur as ‘faking drunk girl’ level. Abbe Abbe was dreadfully amused when I called to tell her I lived through the surgery,) They told me no lifting, no water (clean and dry, cover up with trash bag for shower or in case of rain), and to TYPE. Typing is good…they said they want me to wiggle my fingers often. SO I type. Yay blog


What does this mean? Lots of typing in the next week, and it seems unlikely that I will go to the gym, since I get soaked to the bone every time I go. I like typing. When I stop typing, it starts aching. I got meds for it, but I want to use them sparingly. The liver issues I had WERE NOT fatty liver, and so I need to be aware of how much painkiller I take since it can reek havoc over your liver. Mine was from 3 months of migraines while I did QA and constantly medicating. I stopped, it normalized. Don’t wanna risk my liver. I can handle some pain, plus typing painkiller is more fun.

I am solo tomorrow so please…comment with questions, or silly things or whatever (not spam, all you random spam creepers. -.-‘) so i Have many minutes of therapy to work on. Otherwise, I’ll be working on last year’s NaNoWriMo project I never finished. 😛

Day 15 – Honeymoon Jelly


What is Honeymoon Jelly, you might ask?

I was on the phone with Mama, and I said “Just making a sandwich with honeymoon jelly.”

There was almost an audible awkwardness when her side of the call went silent. I could practically hear her brain wrapping around the term I had just used, wondering what I meant.

We went to the Keys on our honeymoon, and we stopped at this awesome fruit stand in Florida City called Robert is Here. (That’s actually the name of the place. The owner is Robert, and he was there.) Amazing fruits of all kinds, local honey, and the most dynamite smoothies I ever had. While we were at his store, we bought Ginger Honey, Honeycomb, Tupelo Honey, some sapodilla, pineapple, mangoes, and a jar of strawberry preserves. The jar of preserves was the “Honeymoon Jelly” and is some of the best strawberry preserves I’ve ever had.

Once I relayed the tale of the preserves, she resumed normal conversations. Makes me wonder what she thought I meant…


My today was super mellow. My surgery postponed til next Thursday morning, at the butt crack of dawn. I need to be at the surgery center at 5:30 AM, then surgery begins at 6:30 AM. I tried to get later, but they just fill the slots from earliest to latest. You don’t really get to choose. The postponing of the surgery worked out for the best though, cause today was a bad art day, or a bad thinking day for that matter. My sentences were …odd all day, and every time I tried to draw something, it was nothing like what was in my mind, and I’d end up erasing it all.  Bad art days happen, but man, if that surgery were tomorrow…I woulda been in the weeds, for sure.

Ate lunch with the fella, then relaxed at home. Had a big thunderstorm. One lightning strike was super close to my apartment, and I actually felt my hair on my arm stand on end. Freaky stuff!

Got the gym tomorrow, then hopefully some art will happen. Wish me luck! I’ll leave you with a fun Sims Supernatural Screenshot of my nobleman being playfully pestered by my red fairy.