Lipstick Tease – Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick + Christy Jefferson jam!

So, I signed up for Influenster, and I got my first voxbox today, which housed a Moisture Renew Lipstick in “As You Want Victoria” from Rimmel London US.
I looked at the tone, much more…intense than I would normally wear, but hey, why not give it a shot?

I thought of a song I had grown to love from when I lived with a talented musician and singer, the lovely Christy Jefferson, at Kutztown University,a  song called “Lipstick Tease. Lipstick Tease – Christy Jefferson Myspace <~ Listen there!! It’s a sassy cabaret-inspired song that sings the praises of the power of lipstick on the surface…and a little more suggestive, not so subtle undertones (*wink*). Here’s a little lyric sample: “I love my lipstick in shades of pink – sweet, innocent, makes him weak. Nothing says ‘I’m bold’ like a strong stroke of red. Runnin’ the show all the way to bed.” Well, “As You Want Victoria” is definitely bold. The color is beautiful though. The Rimmel site doesn’t do it justice. It’s a bit warmer than they’re “try on” would imply.

Now, I’m not a lipstick girl, traditionally. I wear makeup like warpaint. It adds a bit of polish. The issue I always had with lipstick was it was icky feeling. If it wasn’t icky, it was sticky. If it wasn’t icky or sticky, it made my lips look like the Sahara Desert, parched. I have really long hair, and girls out there with long hair, you get me, I’m sure…


Rihanna photo source:

Now imagine that hair flip with sticky lipstick…not so sexy, am I right girls? You know I am. Nobody wants to kiss hairy lips, for darn sure.

20140320_135043 20140320_134731-1

Thankfully, Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick defied it’s lipstick predecessors – It wasn’t sticky or icky. My lips looked smooth and the color was so vibrant it almost made my lips look like they were gonna jump off my face (in the good way). It was so creamy when I applied it, feeling more like lip balm than lipstick. It took very little to get the color to pop, so I feel like this one tube would last me quite a while. The tube is great too, cause the inside portion + the base are chrome-y, so you can check you look without your compact. And the outside of the tube is purple. I think purple is underused. It’s so pretty. Go, Rimmel, Go!

Here’s a little before and after for you. It’s amazing the effect lipstick can have on how you see yourself:


The posing, the eyes, all more dynamic is a pop of red, dontcha think? I even felt a little more confident once I put it on (hence makeup being warpaint. I can take on the world!) which is a pleasant surprise.

This next photo is the back of my hand, to be clear. I don’t want my readers wondering what skin they’re seeing! Hehehe!


There is one complaint I have: TRANSFER! Touch your lips, take a drink, sneak the hubbs a kiss on the cheek and everyone will know. On one hand, it’s kind of cute to ‘leave your mark’, but at the same time, I don’t think Charles would be ok if I gave him a kiss and sent him back to work with “As You Want Victoria” on his lips (I’m confident he could pull it off though hehehe.) On the upside, even after transference happens, the color is still just as intense.

Either way, I will definitely be wearing this when I next go out to date night with the hubbs, and I’ll be sure to go buy a nice pink or nude tone for daytime when I want a more understated look. Don’t miss out on this though, ladies (and gents, if ya like wearing lipstick. Judgement free zone here.)!

Thanks again to Rimmel and Influenster for letting me take this shade for a whirl. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Opinions are all mine though. I gots my own mind!! PLEASE go listen to “Lipstick Tease” by Christy Jefferson, or ANY of her work. She’s a sweet lady and an amazing artist. ❤

Coming up next: Moonie March Spotlight/Contests/Personal Update (as I know my life thrills you all :P)


November Time: NaNoWriMo + B-Day + Art!

November is off like a bullet already.

As I did last year, I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, (, and I had been preparing for this throughout October. This year I’m a planner. Last year, I was a “Pantser” as they call it…flying by the seat of my pants as I wrote. This story has a clear trajectory, and the word count is already up to 12,122 words (My TOTAL last year was around 17k) as of the end of last night. Got some work to focus on today, but I will definitely be squeezing in some words. My goal for yesterday was 6666 words to be on path to hit my goal of 50k before the end of the month. I’m mega-excited.

I’ll share an excerpt with you next blog. Maybe I’ll introduce the characters here. There’s quite a few.

GYM UPDATE: I’ve still been a slouch. I went to the gym on the 29th. Got my 30 minutes in and a little bit more, walking over a mile at 2.0mph. I have been active lately though, definitely getting walking in that isn’t necessarily at the gym. I mean, grocery shopping and lugging them up the stairs all in one trip like a pack mule should really count as a workout. Sweat more there than on the treadmill. QQ

Commissions are plentiful at the moment, but I hope to get even more on my plate on that front. I truly hope to develop this into a business that I can do from home when I finally pop out a couple younglings, so getting a full head of steam behind this has been a major goal for me.


MY BIRTHDAY WAS AMAZING! Slept in at the in-laws’ house before rolling outta bed to get cupcakes from SWEET! (The most awesomest cupcake bakery in Orlando) Charles’ present for me was in the car. Boy got me a new cellphone case (needed) and Sims 3: Dragon Valley (OMG WANTED). It was wrapped in the cutest bumblebee gift bag, with pink paper. He had the sweetest card. Charles and I had lunch at Graffiti Junktion, and we cruised back to our place for a while. I didn’t know why at the time, but it was waiting on a birthday gift delivery, which was apparently from his mom and dad. 🙂 I didn’t expect anything from them, for sure. It was super nice of them. Chuck and Mary got me Sims 3: Into the Future (SIM SIM SIMMY SIM SIM! – LOVING THIS XPACK) and this adorable Sailor Moon necklace, which actually was the exact same as I got my niece last year (who happens to have the same birthday as me!) We had dinner at Outback after I stopped over at Hobby Lobby for costume supplies, and Mary was nice enough to let me use her grown up sewing machine when I killed my tiny one. Good times were had by all.


HALLOWEEN WAS AWESOME! My hubby let loose his inner artist, dressing up as the ever-inspiring Bob Ross, and I was his muse, the Happy Little Tree! I made my tree trunk dress myself. (Hence the sewing machine) I really don’t know a whole lot of much about sewing aside from minor repairs and what I learned in home ec in the 7th grade, but I am still feeling accomplished that I made it and it didn’t fall apart. There were only about 10 trick or treaters, which meant lots of leftover candy! (OMG not good for the exercising part of me…but my inner fat kid was in heaven!)

I’ll end today’s post with my latest illustration (fresh off the presses. I just drew it this morning). It was a prize for my instagram contest from October. They requested the cartoony character, so i drew him in the style presented as well as in my own. I just got this grey paper tablet. I think I’m in love. See ya next time! ❤


PRESS THIS: Bobsim’s Sims 3 3D Accessory Belt

Bobsim’s Sims 3 3D Accessory Belt.


I’m a total sims NUT and Bobsim’s stuff is really unique. It actually isn’t painted on a flat model and has dimension. Fellow Simmies, go check out his blog for more awesome thing. Recently posted a cool tank for doods (a little more…bodybuildy for me, but definitely worth a look if ya play Sims 3.) ENJOY! (and thanks Bobsim for makin’ awesome stuff!)

Another thing worth mentioning – this custom content is FREE, unlike many sites out there. I stand neutral on the pay v free sites, but I really enjoy free. 😛