Day 40 – Family, Fajitas, & Football

Spent the afternoon with the in-laws after sleeping in. Thank goodness, Charles actually had the day off. It’s the first Sunday of the season, but all three of our teams let us twist in the wind: Steelers,  Packers, and the Giants.  Hoping next week will be better.

Quality time was good though. Snuggles, sketching,  snacks, and sports. Chuck and Mary were marvelous hosts, as always. We had tasty fajitas and chocolate pie and great company taboot.

Gonna call it a night. It’s officially Charles and my sixth-month-iversary! 3/9/2013 – 9/9/2013.

Goodnight, friends.


Day 36 + 37: In-laws and Art Therapy

The 4th was great. I eluded the hugging of my building (leasing office staff brings hugs and snacks) with the aid of my in-laws. Hugs and snacks sound and are nice…but I’m not a hugger and much less to people I see maybe once a month and mostly only to pay rent or complain there’s no paper product in the gym’s bathroom.
My rules on hugging:

If I have you in my phone you are on the acceptable hug list, however – coworker hugs must be earned (ie minimum of three months and several personal conversations. If I greet you as “friend” when I see you, hugs are ok). Family hugs are always welcome less I’m mad at you…which if I am, you will be aware. I glare and I don’t talk to you. If I’m not talking,  you may be in the doghouse. Leasing office staff doesn’t meet the criteria (Mapes IS moving up though.)

So Chuck (dad-in-law) picked me up since I can’t drive on my meds, hooked me up with McDonald’s sweet tea, and we rode across town toward the Stuard Homestead. We pit stopped at Michael’s for my new sketch book and paint brushes for my minis. Chuck is quite the art guy. I think an art jam needs to be had whilst listening to classic rock.  Good in-law bonding fun times will ensue! 🙂

We got to the house and we vegged on the couch and watched tv. It was a blast. I got cool in-laws. I got super lucky in that department. Luckier than Mary (mum-in-law) having scotchguarded the couch befor Livvie (her teeny tiny Yorkie) peed on it. And that was really lucky. Very nice couch. Lol.

We chatted about life and family and I got to learn more about them both. I also got out of the house and got in some good ol fashioned socializing which has helped my mood tremendously. Thank you both for an awesome day and for being awesome people.

Art I did yesterday;



Art I did today:





Sketching traditionally has been soooo good for rehab on my hand. Limbers it up. I haven’t had success digitally with my wacom but will be trying that soon. Hard to hold it and draw while I have the bum wrist.  But I got some of my mojo back, and I’m gaining speed. My detail work is still tough. Intricacy is something that will take more time,  along with steadiness.

Had a lovely lunch with the hubbs too. He was so helpful and attentive and so much more relaxed thab he’s been. I don’t think he actually is, but he out his a stress aside and we just talked. It was lovely.

I also planned a lunch art jam at the mall on Saturday with a friend from my mural group at Valencia. Very sweet girl from a large family. I’m really excited to catch up and geek out over art stuff while munching on food court fare. Gonna be fun.

How was your today?  Let me know in the commenta below.

*going to shop for a stand to hold my celly so I can make my mini painting videos. Got a samsung galaxy s3. Anyone use one?*

Day 15 – Honeymoon Jelly


What is Honeymoon Jelly, you might ask?

I was on the phone with Mama, and I said “Just making a sandwich with honeymoon jelly.”

There was almost an audible awkwardness when her side of the call went silent. I could practically hear her brain wrapping around the term I had just used, wondering what I meant.

We went to the Keys on our honeymoon, and we stopped at this awesome fruit stand in Florida City called Robert is Here. (That’s actually the name of the place. The owner is Robert, and he was there.) Amazing fruits of all kinds, local honey, and the most dynamite smoothies I ever had. While we were at his store, we bought Ginger Honey, Honeycomb, Tupelo Honey, some sapodilla, pineapple, mangoes, and a jar of strawberry preserves. The jar of preserves was the “Honeymoon Jelly” and is some of the best strawberry preserves I’ve ever had.

Once I relayed the tale of the preserves, she resumed normal conversations. Makes me wonder what she thought I meant…


My today was super mellow. My surgery postponed til next Thursday morning, at the butt crack of dawn. I need to be at the surgery center at 5:30 AM, then surgery begins at 6:30 AM. I tried to get later, but they just fill the slots from earliest to latest. You don’t really get to choose. The postponing of the surgery worked out for the best though, cause today was a bad art day, or a bad thinking day for that matter. My sentences were …odd all day, and every time I tried to draw something, it was nothing like what was in my mind, and I’d end up erasing it all.  Bad art days happen, but man, if that surgery were tomorrow…I woulda been in the weeds, for sure.

Ate lunch with the fella, then relaxed at home. Had a big thunderstorm. One lightning strike was super close to my apartment, and I actually felt my hair on my arm stand on end. Freaky stuff!

Got the gym tomorrow, then hopefully some art will happen. Wish me luck! I’ll leave you with a fun Sims Supernatural Screenshot of my nobleman being playfully pestered by my red fairy.

Day 6 + Day 7 – Netflix

SORRY I MISSED YESTERDAY! It just got away from me! I will include yesterday’s activity with today’s post! ❤

Yesterday was kind of a slow and low day. I am trying out a new schedule, exercising every other day to see if I can build up to every day, then keep pushing. Maybe one day I’ll get to jogging. That’s probably still a ways off. 😛 I did slow cooked BBQ Meatballs and made meatball sandwiches. Really simple recipe Bottle of your fave BBQ sauce, can of pineapples (in pineapple juice), and enough meatballs that everything gets covered. Cook for 6 hours on high in your slow cooker (Turkey meatballs get done a little quicker, but 6 will guarantee cookthrough, so better safe than sorry) then served on a roll with provolone cheese (or swiss or whatever. I like a mild cheese with BBQ sauce.)

Leftovers are great for pizza too. Just chop em up, put em on a flatbread, and put on some pepper jack cheese (I like a little kick with the pizza) or cheese of your choice, and throw em in the oven or toaster over til the flatbread turns golden on the edge. I made these for Joann’s farewell shindig before she left Orlando, and it was a hit, I think.  They keep for about a week, in my experience.

Chatted with Mum some yesterday. Leveled my lowbie hunter to 25 (GLYPHS ENABLED! WHAT WHAAT!!!!), and worked on some projects. My exercise yesterday was hauling my groceries upstairs. It’s brutal.


And onto today!

Started the morning out with a doctor’s appointment. I’m happy to inform you guys that my thryroid levels have normalized and I am in optimal range. Doesn’t mean I have to take less meds or anything, but my body should start working better now. I do need to work on my blood sugar (on the high side) and cholesterol needs tending to (Doc recommends cutting fast food. Probably not a bad idea.). I also need to get my liver looked at. I might have something called “Fatty Liver”. :s Not a bad thing despite his name, but it means if I do, this number will always be a little…off. Hard to see if something actually were wrong. I’m putting my liver on a diet. 😛

Got my exercise on today. More people at the gym than anticipated. Someone was on my machine, so I had to use the other treadmill. It’s fine. I’m just a creature of habit.

I started listening to my music, but I was already feeling kinda tired, which is not the best way to start off your exercise, so I decided to change it up. My phone detected the leasing office’s free wifi, so I hopped on, and started up Netflix. Let me just say:

Netflix is pretty much the best thing to happen to my exercise routine so far.

1. I get to watch my shows (Watch Weeds right now, season 3. Not sure I love it, but I enjoy it, and I always wanna see more.)
2. Distraction from the numbers on the machine.
3. Good replacement for our powerless cable tv down at the gym
4. No commercials. ❤

I worked SO well. I was so into the story that I didn’t look at the panel on the treadmill for the WHOLE of the workout. When I got tired, I hit cooldown. I walked for almost 35 minutes at 2.5 mph, and burned 114 kCal while walking 1.44 miles. Woohoo! Thanks for the good workout, Mary Louise Parker.

Image compliments of The Place: Celebrity Photos

Image compliments of The Place: Celebrity Photos (LINK)

I’m gonna need to pick some more shows to watch now. Weeds is enjoyable but also not the most PG, seeing it’s a Showtime show about a drug dealer, but you know…
Recommend more shows for me? Pretty please?

Got a lot to do today. Work on commission pieces, more housework (It never ends) and waiting on a call from the doc back. A got a couple levels lookin’ a little low, so I put in to ask her a question about it, but she’s lunching, so I gotta wait to hear back…which likely end up as a game of phone tag, but come on…who doesn’t like playing tag? 😛

“She’s So Mean” by Matchbox Twenty:

Can’t go wrong with a little Matchbox 20. I adore this group, and have since like…forever. I agree with one of the video comments:
“If you don’t like Matchbox Twenty, the terrorists win.” from “ThatDudeWithTheWords”

See y’all tomorrow. ❤