VOTE: Music Time – HOLD THAT NOTE! We’re extending the vote!

After the poor vote outcome, I am going to extend the music type vote for our travelling bard crowd-created art project. I will be still counting the existing votes from ‘Hempy’ and Julio from FBbut right now I got two votes for song style/type and it’s a lock.

Please share a song type. This vote is entirely write in. This bard is a story we’re writing together, and I want to hear what the mood of her music is. This will determine her expression as well as crowd reaction.

Hempy’s Suggestion: Very traditional story-telling. Upbeat and triumphant.

Julio’s Suggestion: Instrumental and calming with a little beat behind it.

I’m gonna keep the vote open til Thursday Morning. After we decide this, we get into how the bard looks with art choices and all, so keep em coming.


VOTE: Music time!


Today’s vote: what type of music is the travelling bard playing on her harp at the festival?

This vote will determine bard’s expression, as well as crowd reactions.

This vote will close at 11:59 pm tonight. This vote will be entirely write in. Share music from youtube or tell me a song title or even just a genre. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Art Vote 5 – Got the Look?


Our bard location has been determined.  She will be playing the harp at an outdoor festival for tips.


#artvote5 – what about her look?

1. Is she polished, dressed in fine things? Neat, tidy, and sparkling?

2. Is she a traveling bard, a la #Gabrielle from #xena, in neat clothes that function, and not afraid to show a little midriff while kicking a little tail?

3.Is she just shy of being a beggar, in tattered clothes and messy hair, just trying to scrape by?

4. Or do you see something else? (Write in your vote!)

– this vote will close Friday at 11:59pm EST.

Once we get past this, we’ll have more image based votes and less storytelling votes, and it won’t be long before art commences with the choices you’ve made.

Join in on the conversation and this crowd-created artwork. Spread the word.  The more the merrier!!


Day 38 – Pixelicious and Help Me Make Art with Your Vote!

Come vote on this new artwork I’m doing! You guys will be making every decision along this journey. Right now, she’s just a figure. Right now, we’re choosing Theme/Setting. Click this link to VOTE!

My Art Rehab is going spectacularly. I was speaking to a friend today, who mentioned when he broke his ankle skateboarding, the doctor encouraged him to get back on the board as soon as he felt able, because doing what you normally do will push you quicker along the way to normalcy. I’d have to say that makes sense, cause I definitely feel more capable.

I drove for the first time since my surgery. Very short drive to CVS then home, and soon from home to n-Space to pick up my Fella from work. I knew I’d have to pick him up so I haven’t taken my evening meds, and my hand is SO awake right now. Typing is helping relieve some of the tightness, so blog I shall.

I did have the opportunity to possibly get in on a 2D game project. Been a while since I’ve done pixel art, much less sprites and sprite sheets, but I think it’s coming back to me pretty quickly. Can’t give much details, but it’s definitely a little less fluffy than what I normally draw/paint/pixelate. 😛 More as it develops.

Not sure if my art jam with Marian is still on for tomorrow. I hope so. Sent her a text reminder, so now we wait to see if she can still make it. I’m hopeful, but I’m cool if we need to reschedule.

Gonna be sharing a cool new etsy shop with you guys hopefully by Wednesday next week. Adorable hand-made crocheted baby blankets are a majority of the offering, and the person who makes them is beyond very special to me. I’ll be helping her run the show over there, and would love the support of the followers of the blog and the blogging community to help her make it a big success. I gave one of these blankets as a gift, and it earned a spot in the baby’s crib before the little guy even joined us here on Planet Earth as his own individual self. Welcome to the world, Baby Newman. ❤ Your birth name is awesome, but Baby Newman is fun to say! 😀

Much love to you all. Thanks as always for your support and kindness. I’ll bring you a post of art and the vote results here tomorrow after my art jam (should it still happen!).



VOTE: Help me create this character!


What setting should she be in?

1. Modern
2. Historic
3. Fantasy/Mythology

Leave your vote in the comments. Next vote will come early as noon but I’ll extend voting if there isn’t enough feedback.  You can also vote on fb, tumblr, instagram, or twitter ig you got me in those places.